Dr. Haught is the best!

Funny, yet professional and concerned for me. The staff is outstanding, too! I heartily recommend Emporia Orthodontics.

- Jenny

For Adults too.

After having three children go thru orthodontics with Dr. Haught, I decided it was my time! I knew how caring he was, and I liked his personality. Also, the staff is great - well trained. I am very pleased with my decision to get braces for my self.

- Angie

Anyone can get braces!

As an adult getting braces, I knew I would be seeking services along with my teenagers. It would be something other than typical. Dr. Haught and his staff were supportive and encouraging I especially appreciated Dr. Haught’s good humor throughout the process. Braces addressed the alignment of my teeth and improved my smile. I recommend Dr. Haught and his staff to anyone considering braces. They are helpful, understanding and make the process very pleasant.

- Sue

Getting braces does not have to be stressful

As a mom of a son with a son with Asperger’s, sensory issues and high anxiety, Dr. Haught was the perfect choice for my son’s braces. His humorous approach, the kindness of his staff all helped him deal with some of the discomfort or potential anxiety-producing procedures. I has worried my son would not be able to deal with braces. However, a lot of times when I’m sitting in the waiting room, I can hear my kid laughing at Dr. Haught’s jokes. He is having a great experience and his teeth are getting straight, too!

- Sarah

All in good fun.

When my daughters were 7 and 9, I scheduled a consultation with Dr Haught who had been recommended to us. At our first appointment, he had the girls laughing and giggling so much he had a hard time looking in their mouths.  I decided at that moment he was the one, thinking we would be seeing a lot of him over the course of the treatments. I knew the girls would like him and not dread going to the dentist.

At each appointment it always amazed me how good he was with all his patients. I have never seen anyone have more fun with silly middle school kids joking around then he does.  Now they have beautiful smiles and had fun all along the way.

- Brenda